Decentralised Social Media Platform

Welcome to the Social-AI Ecosystem. The Evolution of Cryptocurrency.

Social-AI is the unique cryptocurrency project combining social media and AI technology. It offers a decentralised social media platform that is built on the Binance Smart Chain, for users to interact and earn rewards for their contributions. Join the Social-AI community today and discover a new way to earn while you engage.


Decentralised Social Media Platform

Social Ai  is a cryptocurrency project about decentralised social media platform that is built on the Binance Smart Chain. 

As we aim to be a long-term project, we plan to introduce a product that is connected to our daily life – Social AI, a Facebook-like social platform with an social-to-earn system that rewards members who engage with their friends and with the community; imagine getting passive income for every like, post, comment that you make on the platform. 

Our platform combines the security, privacy, and freedom of a decentralised social media network with the power of cutting-edge AI technology to deliver a unique and unparalleled user experience. With Social Ai, users can connect and interact with each other in a secure, private, and decentralised environment, while also enjoying access to a wide range of AI-powered features that enhance their social media experience. From intelligent content discovery and recommendation algorithms to cutting-edge data analysis and personalisation tools, Social AI delivers a truly innovative and user-centric social media experience. Join us today and discover the future of social media and cryptocurrency!


Our objective is to create a decentralized social media platform that leverages AI to enhance user engagement, reward active participation, and support social impact. The platform will be powered by our native token, Social AI that will serve as a medium of exchange and incentivise users to create and consume valuable content, participate in social impact initiatives, and interact with each other in meaningful ways. Users can also earn while doing everything they normally do on a daily basis using social media.

Our goal is to empower users to take control of their digital identity, data, and assets, and to create a more equitable and sustainable digital economy where everyone can benefit from the value they create. The real revolution is turning something that is already in most of our day into something profitable.


Social Ai Ecosystem

The integrated ecosystem is designed to turn everyday usage into a way of earning, creating a growing economy that drives the value of Social tokens.

About our Sustainability

Our project-integrated ecosystem is built with a strategic proposal for the long-term survival and profitability of our project.

About the Scalability Level

The integrated ecosystem will be a large-scale enterprise. all projects with scalability potential will be an important consideration because it will be accessible to a worldwide user base.


Through blockchain, investors have complete freedom to see all transactions that are carried out within the project, as well as the money is used in the case of marketing, among others

NFT Marketplace

Users can list, buy and sell their nft’s on the Marketplace. A percentage of all NFT sales on the market are converted to sustainability earnings of the earnings system, in the future users will be able to create their own NFT’s and trade with the world.



Users could earn our native tokens, SocialAi tokens for engaging with other users' content, such as by commenting, liking, or sharing posts.


Users can earn cryptocurrency for creating high-quality content that is optimized for AI-powered content discovery and recommendation algorithms, such as posts that are visually appealing, engaging, and relevant.


Native token holders can earn a share of the advertising revenue generated by their content or their engagement on the platform, based on the number of tokens that they hold.


Sell usable NFTs on the upcoming NFT marketplace.

Token Sale

The Social-Ai tokens will be launched on the basis of Binance Smart Chain, offering compatibility with third-party services such as wallets and exchanges for seamless integration

-Pre-sale participants will receive their full allocation at launch
– The total supply of the Social-Ai token will be 100,000,000
– 2% tax will be imposed on all transactions made using the token.


Feb 26, 2023 (03:00PM UTC)


Feb 28, 2023 (03:00PM UTC)

Acceptable currencies


Number of tokens for sale

40,000,000 Social-Ai tokens (40%)

Tokens exchange rate

Price set after fairlaunch ends

Minimal transaction amount

launch by fairlaunch no min or max buy

Distribution of tokens

Token name: Social-Ai

Symbol: $Social-Ai

Decimals: 18

Chain: Binance smart chain

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Tax: 2% Buy/Sell (Marketing)

Official CA: TBA






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Connect-Fi NFT Collections

Our NFT collection is made up of 2,000 NFT each with its attributes, accessories, and unique items, with opensea integration, NFT holders will be able to buy and sell their NFT’s.

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